Charter School Board

As a public Charter School, UCP of Central Florida is legally required to have an all-volunteer board of directors.  Charter schools, as public schools, serve the community and do not operate for any individual’s personal gain and they are eligible for special treatment, such as tax exemptions. The charter school is required to have a governing board to ensure that its operations continue to focus on serving the public.

The volunteer Charter School board of directors provides feedback and suggestions to assist in the success of the Charter School programs of UCP of Central Florida.    Some of the basic responsibilities include:

  • School Improvement
    • Health and Safety
    • Facilities
    • Curriculum
    • Staffing
  • Related Services (nursing, therapy)
  • Charter School Finances
  • Public Awareness/Marketing of School
  • Parent Involvement/Volunteering
  • Legislative Education
  • Special Projects

The Charter School board seeks to represent the diverse Charter Schools it serves with representation from parents from each of the UCP Charter School campuses.    Additionally, members of the community with education and programmatic expertise are invited to participate.

UCP Charter School Board Info:


Charter Board Meeting Calendar 2016-2017

2016-2017 Charter Board Members

2016-2017 Parent Liaison Contact Information

Charter Board Minutes

03/02/17 Charter Board Minutes

01/19/17 Charter Board Minutes

09/08/16 Charter Board Minutes

 Financial Information

UCP Charter School Budget

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UCP West Orange Charter School FY16 Audit

UCP Pine Hills Charter School FY16 Audit

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