Inclusion means that children of all abilities learn and grow together. UCP of Central Florida is creating a new kind of community; one where everyone has access to individualized learning, and everyone is encouraged to learn together. One where a person’s disability isn’t necessarily a relevant characteristic and everyone appreciates and values all kinds of diversity. We believe that segregation in childhood ensures segregation in adulthood and creates permanent barriers. We acknowledge that all individuals, those with and without disabilities, have gifts and talents that benefit everyone. Within our community, there are limited academic options for children with and without disabilities to truly learn together. Over the last decade, UCP has opened its doors to children without disabilities and embraced this education model and the results have been wonderful.


There is evidence-based research that supports children with and without disabilities achieve the same or better academic outcomes when part of an inclusive classroom. Studies have shown that children without disabilities, when placed in a classroom with their peers with disabilities, score higher on problem solving skills and empathy than those students who are not exposed to such a diverse environment.