Anna O’Connor Morin

Anna O’Connor Morin graduated from Florida State University and then completed her graduate work at the University of Central Florida. Mrs. O’Connor Morin has taught in the public school system as well as worked at the University level. Anna is currently the Director of Education, Compliance, and Program Development with UCP Charter Schools. Mrs. O’Connor Morin spent the previous seven years as the School Administrator for UCP Bailes Charter School. Her previous work with the University of Central Florida was project director of effective practices, professional development state discretionary grant with UCF and Florida’s Department of Education. Mrs. O’Connor Morin’s most recent role as School Administrator and Director of Education has allowed her to promote a positive learning culture, provide an effective instructional program and apply best practices to student learning, as well as support achievement for diverse learners. Mrs. O’Connor Morin’s research interests are related to inclusive education with school leadership and teacher retention/impact within the most inclusive setting. She lives with her husband, two children, and their therapy dog in training in Central Florida.