Jeannine Mills

Jeannine Mills is a highly energetic, performance-driven leader with 24 years of educational achievements. She is a skilled administrator with strong background in leadership and administration, including teaching, assessment development, curriculum development, strategic thinking, and test data analysis. Mrs. Mills has a sound knowledge of education, student services, technology integration, data driven decisions, assessment and statistics. Jeannine Mills has a proven track record of creating innovative staff development with curriculum programs that improve teacher, student and overall school performance.

Jeannine Mills has district level experience working as a Director of Assessment & Research. She has provided schools, departments and district personnel appropriate staff development activities to fully support the successful implementation of the state required assessments and accountability measures. Supervising and coordinating federal, state and district mandates and support services related to district and state assessment/testing, performance accountability, program evaluation, educational research, and strategic planning were all a part of her job responsibilities.

Jeannine Mills has been a school level instructional leader for over 16 years. Schools under her leadership have made several lasting improvements; including improved student achievement, facilities, staff capacity, and great technological advancements. By assisting to fulfill the mission, accomplish long-range goals, coordinating quality training and professional development of personnel involved in the school improvement process have resulted in remarkable learning gains.

Jeannine Mills is a results-oriented leader, adept at working collaboratively and congenially to implement best practices in all areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment to turn around organizations.