Rosina Padilla

Rosina is the current Director of Compliance and Risk Management at UCP of Central Florida. She has over 20 years of experience in Business Operation and Administration, Organizational Risk and Compliance, and Early Childhood Program Management and Development. Her prior career positions were held in both Education and Health. Rosina has a love and passion to service families and children at our agency.

Position Responsibilities
– Responsible for all contract compliance and risk management for our schools and therapy clinics
– Responsible for Charter Board governance and compliance
– Supports as the agency liaison for all State Agencies and Insurance companies that our agency maintains contractual terms
– Supports Senior Management team with implementation of all current State of Florida regulations and standards required by the Department of Children and Families, Agency for Healthcare Administration/Medicaid, Department of Education/Charter Schools and all related agencies.
– Oversees the credentials for all therapists