UCP of Central Florida focuses on helping children ages birth to 21 achieve their optimal functionality according to their abilities. Many of the children who come to UCP begin therapy unable to ambulate, speak, dress or even feed themselves. After a lot of hard work, and with the guidance of their therapists, many children are able to master these tasks and more.

Our team of physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and speech language therapists and occupational therapy assistants provide personalized activities that optimize each child’s potential according to their individual abilities. Services are provided at UCP’s seven campuses as part of our in-house educational program, as well as on-site before and after school therapy, outpatient therapy, and summer therapy. UCP also provides therapy services at local child care facilities and other community centers.

Designed to help each child reach their full potential, UCP’s therapy program is geared toward children with all kinds of disabilities and delays including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, autism, genetic conditions, speech and language delays, and developmental delays among many others. UCP therapy providers closely collaborate with our education team, physicians and other professionals providing each child with a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach where families are an essential part of the team.

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Therapy Services Available at UCP include:

-Developmental Screenings

-Hearing Screenings

-PT/OT/ST Evaluations/Re-evaluations

-OT/PT/ST Treatments

-Wheelchair Clinics (Fitting and Customization)

-Serial Casting and Post Casting Maintenance/Intervention

-Upper/Lower Extremity Splinting

-Augmentative/Alternative Communication Devices’ Assessments

-OT/PT/ST Home Assessments

-Parent Education (i.e. Individualized Home Programs)

Appointments are available Monday through Friday at all seven UCP locations including downtown Orlando, East Orlando near UCF, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Pine Hills and Winter Garden.

Physical Therapy

UCP’s Physical Therapy program focuses on preserving, developing, and restoring physical function. Our physical therapy providers incorporate the use of diverse approaches, techniques, devices, physical agents and modalities to help each child reach their individual goals.

The following is a list of services provided under our physical therapy program:

-Screenings and Evaluations/Re-evaluations

-Therapeutic Handling /Positioning

-Lower Extremity Serial Casting

-Lower Extremity Splinting- Fabrication/ Adaptation

-Lower Extremity Assistive Device Training

-Ambulation/Gait Training

-Balance /Equilibrium/Coordination Ex. Program

-Strength/Endurance /Flexibility Ex. Program


-Motor Planning

-Motor Coordination

-Neurodevelopmental Treatment

-Seating /Wheelchair Clinic

-Postural Training

-Range of Motion Maintenance / Restoration

-Equipment Recommendation


-Myofascial Release

-Training in the use of LE Prosthetics

-Home Assessment

Speech Therapy

UCP’s speech therapy program focuses on developing verbal and non- verbal communication skills and on remediation of oral-motor and feeding challenges. Our  providers incorporate a variety of treatment techniques, approaches, and devices to facilitate the attainment of each child’s goals.

The following is a list of services provided under our speech therapy program:

-Screenings and  Evaluations/Re-evaluations

-Articulation Therapy

-Voice Therapy

-Language Disorder/Language Dominance Therapy

-Oral-Motor Therapy

-Fluency Therapy

-Feeding /Swallowing Therapy

-Auditory Processing Therapy

-Cognitive Therapy

-Apraxia of Speech Therapy

-Assistive Technology/Augmentative Communication Therapy

-Aphasia Therapy

-Cleft Lip/Palate Therapy

-Cochlear Implants Therapy


-Aural Rehab Therapy

-Home Assessment

Occupational Therapy

UCP’s occupational program focuses on developing fine motor, self-help, sensory motor, and visual perceptual skills. Our providers incorporate the use of diverse treatment approaches, techniques, and devices to reach each child’s goals.

The following is a list of services provided under our occupational program:

Screenings and Evaluations/Re-evaluations

-Fine Motor Skills Therapy

-Therapeutic Listening

-Social Skills Training

-Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) Training

-Upper Extremity Splinting Fabrication/ Adaptation

-Assistive Technology: Upper Extremity Assistive Device Training

-Sensory Integration/Processing Program

-Community Integration: Functioning in Community Settings

-Neurodevelopmental Treatment



-Myofascial Release

-Psychosocial: Working on the Development of Self-Concept and Self-Expression

-Pre-Writing and Writing Skills

-Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Therapy

-Cognitive Attention Span/Problem Solving

-Training in the use of UE Prosthetics

-Proper Tool & Toy Use

Developmental Screening Services

In addition to services for children with special needs UCP of Central Florida offers developmental screenings for typical children from birth to 6 years old. The screenings are provided with the ultimate goal of assessing the children in basic performance areas and identify tools for social and academic optimization according to their age.

Methods of Payment

UCP works closely with families to assist in securing funding for therapy services. Here are some payment options available at UCP of Central Florida.


-Medicaid HMO’s

-Commercial Insurances

-Gardiner Scholarship


-Early Steps

-Healthy Kids

-Private Pay (Prompt pay discount)

-Public Schools in Orange, Osceola and Seminole as part of UCP’s Charter School Agreement

-Other funding and referral sources available.

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